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For more than 15 years we commit to produce the most reliable and well made software files, according to the demands of individuals and institutions regarding power increase and fuel economy.

Like every perfectionist, we make sure our ecu remap files meet the requirements to be the absolute best, by adjusting every detail and dyno testing accurately. We use only proven and industry leading chip tuning tools.

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Stage 1-3 tune

Custom stage tune

eco tune

Gearbox tune

DPF, EGR, Catalyst, OPF, Adblue Solutions

ECU Cloning

Our services include all the standard tunes for your car, as well as any extra modification you desire. If your are after more horserpower, more torque, better fuel efficiemcy or all around better perorfamance, without worries, CTF is the partner for you.

We promise to take your vehicle to the next level!